Compiler Warning Only in Release

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Compiler Warning Only in Release

Post by d7d1cd »

Welcome all. Wrote the following test code:

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/*----- unit1.h -----*/
inline bool Foo();
/*----- unit1.cpp -----*/
bool TForm1::Foo()
  int b;
  int i;
  if (b == 7) i = 1;
  else if (b == 8) i = 2;
  else return true;
  return false;
Compilation of this code in Debug mode is successful. In Release mode, a warning appears that the function should return a value ([bcc32 Warning] Unit1.cpp (32): W8070 Function should return a value).
If you remove the inline keyword, the warning disappears. It also disappears if line 13 is replaced with this code:

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  else i = 3;
  if (i == 3) return true;
Can you explain why the warning appears? Moreover, it appears only in the "classic" compiler. In Clang, this is not observed.
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Re: Compiler Warning Only in Release

Post by rlebeau »

d7d1cd wrote:Welcome all. Wrote the following test code:
Why are you marking a class method as 'inline' when its implementation is in another file? The compiler won't be able to inline such code, so why even try?
Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
Lebeau Software
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