Please advice C++ Builder 2010

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Please advice C++ Builder 2010

Postby fbriceno » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:32 pm

Good evening
I just want to give vent to my frustration, I hope most of the problems I´m going to refer to are related with my lack of information than to C++ Builder, and I´m sorry if I bother you with this.
Recently I bought C++ Builder 2010, I have to confess that I did that based more on my love for what I remember it was than the great features that were shown at the Embarcadero´s brochure.
I worked with C++ builder when current version was 5, and used to access databases through BDE aliases, then I thought my knowledge will be ok to handle the 2010 version but the experience showed me that was not true.
First I did not pay attention to the way TDatsetProviders should be used in order to handle auto-generated fields and how to populate keys to the rest of the disconnected architecture. After that, when I finally found the information, I created stored procedures that allows me to insert records but also return the new auto-generated value. What happened?, they work perfectly on Firebird and Interbase 2009 isql consoles but the output parameters can´t be read from C++ Builder TSQLStoredProc or TIBStoredProc. I did small tests following the EDN and also the documentation certainly it is not a complex task, set the connection, fill the parameters, run ExecProc and get the output values, but the output fields were not filled.
In another aspect I made an installer using Installaware for a simple example from the book “C++ Builder How To”, and I discovered that dependencies are not detected automatically. I had to use VC depends tool to gather the related packages and DLLs. As I remember Installshield worked just fine.
Searching for help is not as straight forward as one expect, some help topics has basic information and claims for developers help in order to document features, Internet has many questions without answers, then I think : does it means that there are no so many C++ Builder developers out there?
It was a lot of money for me, then I can´t give up, but believe me that sometimes I think that I paid much, more when I had to implement myself, things the C++ builder should make me easier and faster under no so basic circumstances. I already think that I have a niche where I can work with this tool, but as the last article from BCBJ suggest , yes we like the way we do things but more and more people is moving to C# and Java on these days.
Let me know what you think
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