New IDE, New Features, Old Problems

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New IDE, New Features, Old Problems

Postby macicogna » Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:46 am

Hi All,

Very often I read suggestions about strange errors when compiling or liking our code that are related with the following subject: "with a new IDE version, it is a good practice to recreate our projects".

In other words, do not use the IDE's "Old Project Conversion" feature.

Does anyone know a IDE's Wizard to achieve this result? Some tool like or inside GExpert or CnPack sets?

I'm asking that based on these reasons:

  • I have projects with 200+ units, inside 20+ folders, so the recreation task took considerable time. And let us not forget the "Paths and Directories", in which I use "Environment Variables" a lot.
  • I have been planing to write a Wizard to Export/Import the source-code files from/to a project. Maybe treat the "Paths and Directories too.

If nobody finds or knows a prompt solution, maybe this Wizard would be a article/manuscript proposal too.


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Re: New IDE, New Features, Old Problems

Postby 2ffat » Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:30 am

In my experience, it depends on the IDE. I've migrated projects from XE5 to XE6 to XE7 without any problems. They compiled fine.

Then I've have projects compiled in XE3 but when I tried to recompile in XE7 . . . all sorts of problems. I don't know why. I ended up redoing everything.

Some of the big problems I've had is moving from ANSISTRING to UNICODE. In this case, most of the older programs were originally compiled in BCB6 but I was compiling them in 2010. Other changes occurred when XE was introduced. Embarcadero added a whole slew of changes to get mobility (think iOS and Android) apps to compile.

You didn't say what your project was last compiled in or if you have any third-party libraries. Third-party libraries will need to updated for the new compiler. From what I've used, these tend to break between compiler versions. As if to force you to buy the newer library. I've quit using them for the most part.

These are just a few things that I don't think a wizard cannot take care of.
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